Trapica AI 

Market Intelligence

Get to know your audience better. Understand who they are, what they are interested in and why they buy your products

Empower Yourself and Your Marketing Team with Go To AI Market Intelligence Insights


Analyse your online and offline audiences across multiple ad channels and get powerful insights like intent, behaviour and interest.

Go To AI Market Intelligence for Marketers

Map your audiences and understand what is important for them, why they stay with you, or why they go to your competitors. Build for marketing-led marketers with actionable daily reports and targeting insights to make sure that you are always ahead of your competitors.

Audience & Persona Insights

Get daily audience, conversions, and cDNA audience insights with actionable targeting and segmentation insights.

Brand and Consumer Intelligence Insights

Trapica AI puts the audience and targeting optimization at the center of every decision it makes. For each campaign in real-time, Trapica AI will understand the best-performing audiences, how to target them and will update the campaigns; all the marketing automation will occur around those audiences.

Competitive Intelligence

Understand your competitors, their marketing strategy, why consumers choose their brand over yours, and the path to purchase of the audiences that converted with your competitors.

Audience Predictive Models

Build predictive models to understand how your audiences and clients will behave and what will be their interests and intents on a weekly basis.

Online and Offline Data Audience Insights

Use offline and online audience data to increase accuracy and ad efficiency in daily targeting insights with actionable marketing decisions across the different channels.

AI Market Intelligence

Trapica Strong Points

At MDigital we’ve been using Trapica continuously for over a year for all our client base. 

We’ve found a consistent improvement in productivity.  A reduction in cost per aquisition. An increase in return on investment in online advertising across multiple ad channels and increased conversions.

  • Marketing Automation
  • AI Driven Market Intelligence
  • AI Driven Tools for Marketers
  • Increased Productivity

What we learned using Trapica AI Market Intelligence.

When we first tested Trapica AI against standard Facebook / Instagram advertising algorithms we were blown away.  We got big improvements even in the fist campaigns we were testing.

Gradually we began using Trapica across more and more campaigns and different ad channels.  Then we started using Trapica across more client accounts.  When we shared the improvement in results we were getting with our initial clients, it was a no brainer, our other clients wanted to jump on board as well.

That’s not to say there haven’t been learnings with Trapica.  We’ve tested the AI in multiple ways and we’ve found it’s best initially at least not to use audience sizes similar to Advantage + Shopping campaigns – you still want audience targeting.

We’ve also found that Trapica works best when you’re still using several audiences /ad sets.  The platform is so rich in tools and features it’s taken some time to get to grips with everything that is possible.  But that’s what MDigital is here for.  We can help you fast track with Trapica at no cost to you.

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