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“Miranda Bond has one of the sharpest digital minds in the country. She has a fantastic ability to develop digital and content strategies that are underpinned by corporate commercial imperatives. And then importantly, clearly articulate those strategies with a level of detail for ease of implementation. I’ve witnessed her skills in roadmapping the digital and content journeys required to achieve goals and results and it’s impressive! Very few people have the combination of high-level strategy and day-to-day detail at their fingertips like Miranda. ”

Katherine Raskob

Communications Director, Adma

“Our business is a fast growing lifestyle label and we needed someone who could accelerate our on-line results. With Miranda’s digital expertise and acumen I’m pleased to say she managed to increase our sales by over 1000%, so to say we’re pleased is quite the understatement. The great thing about Miranda is her overall business experience which compliments her excellence in digital and we’ve utilised this expertise in many other areas of the business. Miranda is a wonderful person to work with who fits perfectly into our vibrant culture and I highly recommend her to any business looking to improve sales results on-line.”

Carolina Giraldo

CEO and Founder, Carolina Lifestyle

“Miranda has been an incredibly valuable mentor and advisor to Social Status – in particular, her deep expertise across all facets of digital marketing and business strategy. She brings a wealth of entrepreneurial experience gained through building a successful global business. In addition, Miranda is highly respected and super connected in the industry. She is definitely someone you want on your team!”

Tim Hill

CEO and Co Founder, Social Status

“Without Miranda, I would never have been confident enough to take the 1st step in this amazing journey. She has been an inspiration and her knowledge of the digital space and Business in general is invaluable. Miranda is also incredibly well received in the Digital arena with a wealth of expertise at her fingertips which has made the first 6 months of my new business stronger than I ever thought I could achieve on my own. I look forward to bouncing many more ideas and roadblocks off her.”

Tracey Horey

CEO and Co Founder, Driving Online

“Working with Miranda to develop our digital marketing strategy has been fabulous. Right from the start we’ve benefited from Miranda’s passion, wealth of knowledge and experience in digital marketing in both the B2B and B2C arenas. We’ve really appreciated how she’s taken the time to understand our business, develop a high-level strategy as well as offering the latest approaches in digital marketing. Miranda shared her step-by-step approach to identify our customers, uncover their needs and most importantly showed us how we could effectively showcase the unique value we offer to increase our online SALES!
I can highly recommend Miranda to any business wanting the best advice in digital marketing. Miranda’s positive energy is contagious and I’ve felt like we’ve had a dedicated partner who’s worked with us to succeed in marketing our products.”

Rosina McApline

CEO & Founder, Win Win Parenting

“Working with Miranda has been invaluable! From the moment we started, Miranda’s talent for Marketing was evident as we dove deep into mapping out multiple brands and their identities to the finest detail giving us personalised marketing strategies, accompanied by the content and day-to-day planning. Miranda’s skills are far beyond any that we have seen and her willingness to assist and train our staff has made it an absolute beneficial pleasure working with her.”

Esha Oberoi

CEO & Co Founder , Afea

“I wish we had talked to Miranda before doing my first website! She provided great insight into the user journey of our customer. Our site will most definitely convert significantly better as a result. Miranda has a great understanding of digital and marketing strategy. Her advice ensured that we avoided making several costly mistakes. She also helped us supercharge our content marketing strategy. Not only did she give us a bucket load of new ideas but also helped us focus in on the type of content we need to be producing. We feel like we have been rejuvenated and can’t wait to put it into action.”

James Moore

CEO , Zest Desk

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